What is a Head-Up Display?

September 15th, 2021 by
Head Up Display

The Head-Up Display (HUD) is a feature that projects vehicle information on the windshield or a panel right below the driver’s line of sight. The Head-Up Display is both an informational tool and a safety feature. It displays helpful information but does not require the driver to take their eyes off the road. It’s one of…

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How Does Forward Collision Warning Work?

August 18th, 2021 by
Forward Collision Warning

Forward Collision Warning can be found on many vehicles on the road today and the system continues to protect drivers and passengers on their everyday drives, but what is Forward Collision warning?

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NHTSA’s Vehicle Safety Recalls Week

March 11th, 2021 by

NHTSA’s annual Vehicle Safety Recalls Week is March 8-12, 2021 to again remind consumers how important and easy it is to check for recalls!

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What is That Dirty Film in the Inside Of My Windshield?

April 19th, 2018 by
interior car window

Ever wonder why your windows always seem to have a dirty film on the inside of them that just won’t come off? What’s Happening & Why? Vehicle interiors create the ideal atmosphere for building up film on the inside of windows. Cigarette smoke, condensation, and dust blend in a closed, hot interior to form a…

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What is Causing My Brakes to Squeal at Low Speeds?

April 19th, 2018 by
Car Brakes

Why are your brakes squealing when lightly applied but stop when more force is applied? What’s Happening & Why As described in some owner’s manuals, the squealing noise is caused by high-frequency vibration of the brake pads against the rotating disc. Vibration is the unavoidable result of friction generated by the pads as the caliper…

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