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September 29th, 2020 by

The Apple CarPlay update for iOS14 includes personalization updates, new Siri voice features, and updates to the music app layout and features.

The new Apple CarPlay update now allows drivers to customize their home screen background with one of 5 new designs. This feature can be found in the settings app under Wallpaper. There are also options to have a simple black or white background that can change from one to another depending on the time of day.

Siri also got a few updates for iOS14 including a new sleek look. Siri now appears as an animated marble-like sphere at the bottom of the screen instead of the multicolored line that ran across the bottom of the screen.

Siri also features a few new voice control options within the maps and messaging apps. In maps, it is now possible to send your estimated time of arrival (ETA) to anyone in your contacts through voice command. Ask siri to share your ETA with someone in your contacts and that person will get automatically generated text updates about your arrival. Before, this was only possible through the vehicle screen.

Siri now allows users to send voice messages through voice commands as well. Tell Siri you would like to send a voice message and who you would like to send it to and she will record your message and send it to that person.

Within Apple Music on CarPlay, there is a new Autoplay button. When you’ve reached the end of a song or playlist, Autoplay finds similar songs to keep the music playing. This button can be found on the bottom right on the Now Playing screen and is shaped like an infinity symbol.

The Music section also now offers a ‘Listen Now’ section which starts with a summary of your Top Picks across your musical interests and suggests music that you may enjoy based on what you usually listen to.

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