Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Smail Cares Campaign 2019

Hey guys, my name's Angelique. I'm out here on the lot today, it's a beautiful day, it's fall, it's spooky season, but perhaps most importantly it's October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now that's a pretty important thing here at Smail. As you can see right beside me, all of our buildings are sporting these big pink ribbons for our #SmailCares Campaign. So for our Smail Cares campaign, one $125 from each vehicle sold during the month of October is donated out to local charities who are supporting the fight against breast cancer. This year the charities we will be supporting are the Magee-Womens Hospital, Westmoreland Walks, The American Cancer Society-Real Men Wear Pink and Pink Pamper.
"Smails really do a lot with the community here and I mean just to have the opportunity to earn and raise money, and then we do donate $125 for every car sold, just the opportunity to be able to do that and help people that are struggling right now dealing with this, it's just good feeling."
"Yeah, what he said."
"So when you purchase a car from us you're actually affecting more people than you know you know."
"There's a lot of movement in the back that's going on that you don't really realize and it's going to a great cause so we thank everybody out there that purchases a vehicle from us."
If you would like more information on the Smail Cares campaign, go ahead and click the links in the description. We will link out to our previous videos and all kinds of information on these organizations, or you can visit us right online at, or just go ahead and stop in to one of our stores right off Route 30 in Greensburg. And always remember, Smail Cares.

Find all our #SmailCares pink videos here. See the results of #SmailCares 2018 here. Information on the Elisabeth B. McCullough Award here
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