10 Tips for Protecting Your Car This Winter

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As we head into the heart of the winter season, it’s important to take precautions against the falling temperatures. We naturally protect ourselves—we wear bigger coats, we wrap ourselves in scarves, we crank up the thermostat. However, sometimes we have trouble protecting the things around us, like our cars. Here are ten simple ways to help maintain and protect your vehicle in the cold winter weather:
  1. Frosty Windows: Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on all windows to prevent them from freezing. If your windows are already frozen, mix 3 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part water in a spray bottle. Add a drop of dish liquid, and spray to deice windows.
  2. Frozen Locks: Put a drop of hand sanitizer on your key, or directly in your keyhole, to deice door locks. If you don’t have hand sanitizer, use a lighter to heat your key before placing it in the keyhole. To prevent keyholes from freezing to begin with, spray some WD-40 in the keyhole.
  3. Frozen Doors: Use paper towels to wipe cooking spray around the rubber door trim to prevent doors from freezing shut.
  4. Foggy Glass: Fill a stocking or cloth bag with cat litter and place it under a seat. The litter will absorb moisture in your car and prevent the windows from fogging. 
  5. Obstructed Lighting: Apply wax to your headlights to act as a protective layer, and to prevent snow and ice from sticking.
  6. Emergency Survival: Keep a “survival kit” in your car in case you get stranded in the snow. Things like a warm blanket, extra clothes, a first aid kit, a flashlight, matches and jumper cables are all handy to have in case of emergency.
  7. Frozen Fuel: Keep your gas tank full, or at least half full, to prevent condensation from forming and freezing inside your fuel pump.
  8. Keeping Warm: If you don’t have a garage, try to park under or near a tree or building. It will keep the car warmer overnight, making it easier to start in the morning.
  9. Cold Battery: Before starting your car in the cold, turn off electrical accessories like headlights and defrosters. This is especially helpful if you have an older or weak battery. Turning off accessories ensures all power is directed to the battery.
  10. Getting Stuck: Winter tires provide the best protection against getting stuck in the snow. However, you should also keep a shovel and a bag of cat litter in your car in the winter. If you do get stuck in deep snow, a shovel is always useful to dig yourself out. If the snow is not as deep, or if you are stuck on ice, dumping some cat little under your tires may give you the traction needed to get moving again. 
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