Cars in the Community - Westmoreland Cultural Trust Arts Incubator

In this week's episode of Cars in the Community, we take a 2019 Ford Fusion to downtown Greensburg to check out Westmoreland Cultural Trust's Incubator for the Arts space.

"WCT’s Incubator for the ARTS is a place for creative collaboration with other artists.  Short-term 3-6 month artist leases are offered and include utilities, internet and 24-hour building access.  Spaces range from $100-$325/month.  While WCT’s main goal is to provide local artists with affordable studio space to create and establish themselves within the community, their future aim is to expand the space into a place that tenants can teach their art to the public." - WCT
During our visit, we also got to interview some of the artists!
In order of appearance:
Sheila Cuellar-Shaffer
Joyce Malice

As a follow-up to our piece on Westmoreland Cultural Trust's Incubator of the Arts, we took a tour of its "Art in the Alley." Listen below as Kelli Brisbane tells us the stories behind these beautiful works of art and the artists that created them.
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